Our Aims

Develop a welcoming and active ornithological community amongst students in Oxford, allowing students to meet like-minded individuals and encouraging beginners and experts alike.

Provide varied opportunities to improve knowledge of many different aspects of ornithology and birds.

Provide the opportunity to take advantage of the mental and physical health benefits of nature.

The Committee

Keep and eye out for committee opportunities going in to the next academic year - we'd love for you to get involved!


Privacy Statement: Necessary and relevant data for your membership will be collected and stored securely (both physically and digitally) for only as long as necessary to ensure you can fulfil the potential of your membership. Membership details are administered through QPay. We will not collect any information falling into the Special Data category.

Our Code of Conduct, Constitution and Complaints Procedure are available to view here:

OXOSS Code of Conduct.docx
Website Standard Constitution.docx
OXOSS Complaints Procedure.docx